Britain's foremost centre for cow protection and working oxen

New Gokul is Bhaktivedanta Manor’s dairy farm and visitor centre, located in Hertfordshire. We have a mixed herd of 57 animals, some of whom give milk, some who are working oxen, and some who are retired or in their childhood. We operate a system of cow protection. This means that unlike most commercial farms we don't slaughter any of our cows, bulls or calves, regardless of whether they give us milk or not. 


Arjuna's Graduation, Mukti's Motherhood and Snow Ploughing Instead of Field Ploughing... - 4th February 2013

Mukti's time comes ever closer and the oxen manage to wiggle their way out of work, but still get a free meal of grains. Whoever coined the expression "dumb as an ox" had clearly never met one!


A Cow to Calve and Bulls to Budge - 21st January 2013

Expectant mother cows, reluctant daddy cows and energetic baby cows...